Medium Panoramic Sugar Eggs are the perfect size for filling with a little Easter scene, for gift giving, or to treasure as a keepsake.

We are offer Medium Sugar Eggs in several styles:  Panoramic Upright (standing), Panoramic Traditional (window in the small tip of the egg), Panoramic Side-view, and Candy dish style (which has no inner scene but serves as a container for candies or a small gift).   Scroll down to view examples!

Shown above are Traditional Panoramic style Mediums.  These are a favorite of children--perhaps because the magical inner world is more concealed & surprising to peek into!
Glimpses of hand-iced inner scenes shown below (left to right): lavender with bunnies, pink with whimsical bunny, lav. bunnies,  blue whimsical bunny & duck, pink bunny & chick, lav. lamb.

Here are a few examples of Medium Candy-dish  Sugared Eggs.  Without  a picture window hampering their shape, they have a perfect "eggscape" to decorate.  They will arrive filled with gourmet flavored jelly-beans, unless you specify that you would like to fill them with your own favorite candy or use them to contain some other special gift. 
These Sugar Eggs are our most popular style, Upright Panoramic.  Cute and fun, Upright Sugar Eggs showcase their inner scene proudly for all the world to see.  They are perfect for display!  Inner scenes can be made with edible hand-iced creations or tiny resin figures.
Medium Sugar Eggs
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Medium Traditional Panoramic Eggs 
Medium Upright Panoramic Eggs
Medium Candy-dish Eggs