Panoramic Sugared Egg making is a tradition that has been continued in my family for years!  As a young girl, my mother received a Panorama Egg kit as a gift, and made them every year since. When I was a child, my favorite part of Easter was finding the beautiful egg tucked in my basket.  Personalized just for me, it always had a special scene that was absolutely magical inside. As I grew older, my mother shared the joy of creating them with us. Easter wasn't complete without my siblings gathering around a batch of freshly baked sugar egg shells and trying to devise the most fun and intricate scenes inside, and icing our names and decorations on the outside.  We never wanted to eat the ones we worked hard on, and displayed them for many years on the shelf.  I've had my hand in the craft for as long as I can remember!

The response to our craft has been overwhelming!  So many people remember these treasures from their childhood, and they can be almost impossible to find.  Searching the web brings very few results, and the ones that are available are very unlike the ones I grew up with. It is sad to me that such a unique tradition is being exchanged for mass-produced candies and plastic toys.

Each Sugar Egg is a work of art.  I take the utmost care and consideration with each individual egg so that it is shaped and decorated to perfection.  My goal is to share the fascination and magic I felt as a child peeking into the little window in the egg with others-extra care is spent making sure the inner scene is just right, with figures seeming to interact with each other and a 3D scene. If you are ordering, you can choose color, style, and composition of your egg, or you can opt to have one designed for you with minimal input.

Our recipe for the sugar shell has been in our family for many years, it is hard and has the consistency (and taste) of a sugar cube. The decorations are created with royal icing, which hardens to a candy texture. These eggs are not different ingredient-wise than the ones made in Victorian times!

If you have any questions not answered on our site, please send them and I will answer as quickly as I can-please understand that we get flooded with many inquiries each spring and the creation process itself is quite time consuming, so sometimes there will be delays.  Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful spring!

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