Panoramic Sugar Eggs come in three sizes: small, medium, and large (shown together above). They also come in several styles, Upright (Standing) Panoramic, Traditional Panoramic (horizontal with window in the small tip of the egg), Panoramic Side-view, & Candy-dish eggs. Scroll down for examples and pricing; See photo gallery pages for many more examples.

Small Sugar Eggs ~ Shown above in the Traditional Panoramic Style. 3.5" in length.
   $24.95 each personalized small panoramic egg. (traditional format only-not upright)
Small Sugar Eggs are also available in the Candy-dish Style (not shown) - $16.95
Medium Sugar Eggs ~ Shown above, left to right, aproximately 5" in length:
1. Medium Candy-dish Egg (filled with gourmet jelly beans, no inner scene) - $25.95
2. Medium Panoramic Egg (Traditional, window in tip) - 42.95 
3. Medium Panoramic Egg (Upright) - $49.95  (Side-view mediums are $45.95, not shown)
Large Sugar Eggs ~ Shown above, left to right, aproximately 7" in length:
1. Large Panoramic Egg (Upright) - $89.95
2. Large Panoramic Egg (Side View)-$79.95 
3. Large Jewelry-Box Egg (no scene, contains gourmet jelly beans - $42.95   
    *Traditional panoramic style (window in the tip of the egg) also available.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

What are they?
The eggs are made of pure cane sugar (what more can a child want?), decorated with royal icing, and the green "grass" inside is made from coconut.  Keeping with tradition, the decorations inside are edible in nature, carefully handcrafted icing decorations, animals, flowers, and jellybean eggs; for older children and adults I can also use miniature figurines, silk flowers, or collectibles by request and availability. They are intended for decorative purposes only.

What are the actual sizes?:
The approximate dimensions of the eggs in inches are as follows (longest side first, which could be height for an upright egg or length for a laying one).  With icing decorations they are larger than noted, measurements were taken off the sugar shell:
Large- 6" x 4.5" x 4"
Medium- 4.5" x 3.5" x 3"
Small- 3.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"

Can you keep them?  If so, how do you do it?
SugarEggs can last years, decades even, when properly cared for.  As long as you keep them safe from the main two dangers (moisture and hungry children), you can keep them for years to display and treasure.  For best preservation,  keep out of  sunlight and away from any moisture.  Humidity in the air can cause deterioration, they are best stored in a dry environment.  Instructions detailing the best methods of preservation will be included with your order.  

How do you make them?
Magic, with a little help from the Easter Guru himself, the Big Bunny!  Each Sugar Egg is painstakingly handcrafted.  Much time is spent making each individual egg perfect-these are not a mass-produced item! We make all the icing decorations inside and out by hand, and the creation process for a Sugar Egg start-to-finish requires several days.

How do you ship them?
Each egg is individually shrink-wrapped, carefully insulated in bubble-wrap and packaged securely.  Guaranteed to arrive in one piece! Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail.

How much is shipping?
One or two small eggs pr one medium egg will ship anywhere in the US for $7.50.  One large egg or two medium eggs ship for $9.  Four mediums or two larges ship for $14.  Prices for larger quantities are the actual shipping cost, determined by the total weight and zone.  

The Sugar Egg I would like to order is a gift, can you send it to the recipient?
No problem!  No invoice will be included, only a sheet on the care and history of the Sugar Egg tradition and colored Easter grass fluffing up the package. We are happy to include a gift note if desired!

What Icing Colors are available?
Pastel colors - pink, soft blue, soft green, yellow, lavender, aqua, & white are included.  If you need a custom color, you may submit a request and if it is workable we can include that for a nominal fee.

What do you use inside the Panoramic Eggs to make the inner scene?
We painstakingly craft our own edible hand-iced decorations (bunnies, ducklings, lambs, flowers and butterflies), we can also use small resin Easter figurines (bunnies, chicks, ducklings, and lambs), silver or pewter crosses, charms, gourmet jelly beans, iced or silk flowers, and shredded coconut 'grass'.  Resin/ceramic figurines only on an as-available basis. 

I can't begin to decide on the options, can you just design a Sugar egg for me?
No problem!  All the choices available can be overwhelming-if you would prefer just to specify basics we would be happy to design an egg for you.  It would help if you specified an age/gender or favorite color to give a starting point, but however much (or little) you want to suggest is fine.

Can you make a non-Easter themed Sugar Egg?
Definitely!  We have made eggs with different themes, ranging from Baptism/Christening, birthday, sports, tea party, ballerina, fairy, horse & western, wedding/bridal, to favorite characters!  If you have an idea about something that you don't see offered, please send an email detailing what you would like.  If these require unusual icing colors or custom figures for the inside, additional charges will apply. 
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