Large Sugar Eggs have the most customization options because their size allows for any type of design that you can imagine.  They have plenty of room inside for larger figures or a more elaborate scene.  We offer Large Sugar Eggs in three  panoramic styles: Upright Panoramic, Horizontal Panoramic (Side-view), Traditional (window in tip); and Candy-dish or Jewelry-box eggs (no window or scene, just jelly beans!).    The inner scenes are made with hand-iced decorations, resin figurines, or charms and crosses - your choice!

They make beautiful keepsakes or hostess gifts, and can be the focal point of a table centerpiece.  They are aproximately 6.5 inches tall, and almost as wide.

Large Panoramic Sugar Eggs

Large Side-View Panoramic Eggs
Large Eggs with a side view window have lots of room for a great scene inside and a true egg shape.  They are perfect for creating a fun landscape with bunnies, chicks, lambs, a cross, or a combination!  Shown above with outer Easter dots & stripe patterns:  Pink trim with hand-iced animals, Green with resin figures, Blue trim with hand-iced animals. Antonio below has resin figures.
Large Jewelry-box style Sugar Eggs make a beautiful container that can be treasured and displayed.  The top half lifts neatly off of the bottom, and it is hollow to store your favorite surprise or treats.  Use them for holdingEaster goodies, as a table centerpiece, or as the perfect gift box for a special gift on Easter morning.  The shell is as hard as a sugar cube and can withstand gentle handling.
Large Candy dish or "Jewelry-box" Sugar Eggs
Large Upright Panoramic Eggs
Upright eggs have lots of room inside to make a three-dimensional scene that travels from front to back and up all around! Left to right:  Green Happy Easter with a pewter cross & hand iced animals, Blue with tiny resin bunnies, Lavender floral with a cross and silk flowers inside, and White trim with whimsical hand iced bunny in a carrot patch.
Some additional large Sugar Eggs shown below: